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Due Diligence

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Complying with EU legislation, a due diligence will be carried out on all properties, investors and sellers.


Before taking properties in our portfolio and uploading them on our website, we will:

  • Document ownership
  • Control perfect registration of the property (or carry out perfect registration),
  • If applicable control or redact powers to sell,
  • Reasonable price setting

Investors & Owners

We will carry out a ‘know your client’ due diligence following international standards to realise and maintain an excellent level of investors, sellers/owners and business providers and contacts.  We will:

  • Send you a small request for basic information about your business activities.
  • Request basic identification documentation.

100% Legal

We will draw up the necessary contracts with agreements. On beforehand, and to avoid international image issues of Spain, we want to underline that issues related to undeclared money will be reported as stipulated in Spanish and European legislation.

This way we protect investors, sellers and last but not least ourselves.

We want to make it easy and safe.

Experience since 1998

Since 1998 Buildings Barcelona, by Euro Economics Real Estate S.A., has been involved with the purchasing and selling of houses, hotels, mills, castles, offices, penthouses in Spain and specially in Barcelona.

International Barcelona Properties

Since 1998 Euro Economics Real Estate invest in ‘real estate with international possibilities’ in the area of Barcelona. Normally properties which have to be reformed, distressed assets or off market.

Always focussed to rent or sell to international clients.

Your advantage

As being known by local owners as having international clients, we are contacted to facilitate international market information and tax and legal services (by Euro Economics Group) to our clients and contacts.

This can give you direct contact to owners or to off market properties.

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