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Private Investors from North & West-Europe

We work mostly with North & West European countries like Dutch, Belgian, English, German & Scandinavian investors. Our team members have their roots in these countries which makes it easier to do business together.

Investors for our projects usually are:

  • Able to see opportunities, and accepting that some issues (legal, financial, ..) might have to be solved (with that creating direct an added value).
  • Able to act fast, based on experience, specific market knowledge, and short decision processes.
  • High liquidities or access to liquidity and not depending on bank facilities.

The parties we use to work with are:

  • Private investors that want to buy (distressed) properties for low prices, to solve issues (legal, financial, construction) and to sell or rent the properties.
  • Family offices with a long term vision which want to purchase properties to rent.
  • Consultancies with high net worth clients that have strategic interest for Spain.
  • Investment funds that need professional counselors in Spain.
  • The happy few who are able to buy the most beautiful property jewels of Spain that are offered us by rich Spanish families.

Your advantage

We know the specific issues of Spain where foreign investors lose time and money. We want our clients to avoid these, so we can enter both faster in business and we will have both more succes.

We have the best local contacts with property owners in the most interesting regions in Spain.

We deliver top opportunities to top investors.

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