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North/West-Europe & North-America

Investors for our projects usually are:

  • Able to act fast, based on experience, specific market knowledge, and short decision processes.
  • Able to see opportunities, and accepting that some issues (legal, financial, ..) might have to be solved (with that creating direct an added value).
  • High liquidities or access to liquidity and not depending on bank procedures.

The parties we use to work with are:

  • Private investors that want to buy (distressed) properties for low prices, to solve issues (legal, financial, construction) and to sell or rent the properties.
  • Family offices with a long term vision which want to properties to rent.
  • Arquitects and promotors who want to buy properties, to renovate (and split) them and sell.

Trust is important to do business together and do act and decide fast. This is why we work, being a Dutch owned company, with Anglo-Saxon cultures and clients.

Experience since 1998

Since 1998 Buildings Barcelona, by Euro Economics Real Estate S.A., has been involved with the purchasing and selling of houses, hotels, mills, castles, offices, penthouses in Spain and specially in Barcelona.

International Barcelona Properties

Since 1998 Euro Economics Real Estate invest in ‘real estate with international possibilities’ in the area of Barcelona. Normally properties which have to be reformed, distressed assets or off market.

Always focussed to rent or sell to international clients.

Your advantage

As being known by local owners as having international clients, we are contacted to facilitate international market information and tax and legal services (by Euro Economics Group) to our clients and contacts.

This can give you direct contact to owners or to off market properties.

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