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Are you owner of a property in Spain and would you like to come ‘off-market’ in contact with international investors?


We are specialised in ‘off market properties’, which means that the properties we offer to our investors are not widely published. This is what our investors are looking for.

We will inform our investors about your property without giving the exact details, untill serious interest, and then we will request the signing of a Non Disclosure Agreement to guarantee confidentiality.

This gives you the possibility to come in contact with investors without the market, competitors or bussiness relations knowing that you want to sell your property.

Our Marketing

We offer the following ‘Confidential Marketing’ for your property:

  • Confidential publishing on our website.
  • Sending a confidantial anonumous ‘one page teaser’ to relevant investors.
  • Including property in agenda: with periodical meetings with investors.
  • Special meetings: depending of the property, with investors and contacts.
  • Tax and legal information: professional informing investors (highly valued).
  • Profesional visit programms: high quality individual visits of the property.

We know how to deliver quality to our investors and contacts.

Get Access to our International Investors

If you want access to our international contacts and investors, contact us by telephone or email and let’s see if we can do business.

Telephone: 0034 93 215 1223


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