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Confidentiality for lots of reasons

For lots of reasons, one of them is proudness, private owners don’t want the market – ‘other people’ – to know that they have to sell a property.

And in case of for example hotels, it is obviously not good for the business and motivation of the staff if it is widely known that the hotel has to be sold because the owners need money.

Owners contact us

Because of being more than 20 years in the market, and people knowing we are in contact with ‘serious and solvable international investors’, which are able to act faster than local investors, we get properties offered that are ‘off-market’.

These properties are not available through the traditional worldwide known real estate consultancies.


Confidentiality doesn’t mean that we work ‘the old way’.

We comply with EU legislation and we carry out due diligences on all properties, owners and investors.

Read more about our Total Compliance Policy.

Your advantage

We know the specific issues of Spain where foreign investors lose time and money. We want our clients to avoid these, so we can enter both faster in business and we will have both more succes.

We have the best local contacts with property owners in the most interesting regions in Spain.

We deliver top opportunities to top investors.

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