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Direct access to the best properties in Spain

The big advantage of working with us is that we get our properties and investment opportunities from the very private confidential counselors of the direct owners.

The owners are mostly rich families but might need liquidities (‘cash’).

This might be their lawyers, accountants, friends of the family or persons who know those families and these families know them and they want in first stage not themselves to explain to others that they need to sell a property because they need ‘liquidities’ (in practide: ‘they really need money to save other properties or interests’).

Confidentiality for lots of reasons

For lots of reasons, one of them is proudness, private owners don’t want the market (‘other people’) to know that they have to sell a property.

And in case of for example hotels, it is obviously not good for the business and motivation of the staff if it is widely known that the hotel has to be sold because the owners need money.

Because of being more than 20 years in this market, and people knowing we are in contact with ‘solvable international investors’, which are able to act faster than local investors, we get properties offered that are ‘off-market’ and because of that these properties are not available through the traditional worldwide known real estate consultancies.

We deliver top quality opportunities to top contacts.

Hotels, Buildings & Jewels

Hotels in Spain

We have hotels for sale in the most important places and zones of Spain, such as the cities Barcelona and Madrid or the touristical zones like the Balearic Islands (Ibiza, Mallorca, ..), the Canarian Islands (Tenerife, Gran Canaria, ..), Costa del Sol (Malaga, Marbella, ..), etcetera.

These are usually 3, 4 and 5 star hotels. Normally they are offered to us for a fixed price which we can recalculate to a ‘price per room index‘. Foreign investors require normally yield information, but mostly our hotels are not sold because of a luxury situation.

We know the price per room ranges per star category, we know when it is interesting and we will of course inform and update our investors.

It is obvious that this is exactly the opportunity for investors who know to upgrade marketing, conceptual and organizational items and with that the value of the investment, so that finally it can be sold – if wished so – with a good yield index.

Buildings in Spain

We use the word Buildings in our brand name, as we want to underline that we are specialised in ‘vertical ownership’. We don’t offer appartments or offices in an office building, we only offer the whole residential building or the whole office building as an investment object.

Just as e only offer the whole commercial center or whole buildings for co-working, co-living or student housing.

To compare prices here we use the ‘price per m2 index‘. Although we don’t have official studies available, we are almost sure that in Spain after good food and football, the ‘price per m2’ is the most popular subject to talk about at birthdays, in the bar, etcetera.

It is obvious that we know the preices per m2, that it is our speciality to detect opportunities and that we will inform our investors.

The most beautiful ‘Jewels’ of Spain

Never waste an interesting story:

The same families and owners that want to sell their hotels and buildings which they bought in the good times, normally also bought in those good times the most beautifull properties of Spain.

These properties are so authentic, spectacular and/or luxury that we call them the Jewels of Spain.

We belong to the happy few who get these jewels offered off-market to comment these with our investors.

At the end, Europe and Spain are the best places to own and to enjoy the most beautiful jewels of the world. 

Just contact us.

Your advantage

We know the specific issues of Spain where foreign investors lose time and money. We want our clients to avoid these, so we can enter both faster in business and we will have both more succes.

We have the best local contacts with property owners in the most interesting regions in Spain. We deliver top quality and opportunities.

With us you will do faster and better business in Spain.

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